Fresh harvested Picralima Nitida Akuamma Fruits

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Fresh harvested Picralima Nitida Akuamma Fruits

Post by Admin on Sun Nov 22, 2015 10:56 am

What you get

one fresh harvested Picralima Nitida Akuamma Fruit from Ghana

The Fruit contains around 45 to 85 fresh Seeds

With this fresh Fruit

You will get the best germination Rate

The Picralima Nitida Akuamma Seeds are very rare
you get them fresh

We ship with Ghana Post, after shipping you will get the registration Number of the Parcel, it will take around 14 Days led time for the Parcel.


39.50 Euro
plus 41.50 Euro shipping

You like this item send PM to me I will post the fresh Akuamma Fruit at E-bay or Amazon for you

Or check African Dream Seeds

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